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Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Specialists



Proudly boasting Birmingham’s first dedicated Hybrid & Electric vehicle service and repair bay outside of a main dealership The Auto Workshop & Autocentres has all of the tooling and equipment to carry out any maintenance or repair work that your electric vehicle may require, as well as more in depth diagnostics.

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Servicing for electric, Hybrid or plug-in Hybrid vehicle

When the first production Hybrids arrived on these shores some 20 plus years ago, many independent garages ran scared of the 'overcomplicated' pioneers, with their high voltage systems causing technicians in particular the most anguish simply because they did not understand how the cars worked. The result was that most garages only invested in diagnostic equipment to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated combustion engine, leaving Hybrid and electric maintenance and repairs to specialists. At The Auto Workshop & Autocentres we took a different approach and invested in the diagnostic equipment and training for both the internal combustion engine (ICE) and the new electric powered vehicles, becoming specialist in both.

Safety Concerns

With 40 to 60 volts and 0.08 amps being sufficient to cause cardiac arrest, it is little wonder that technicians are especially cautious of Hybrid and EVs, with between 100-600 volts and up to 150 amps being typical within their high voltage systems. Having the correct training and equipment is paramount when working on this type of vehicle.

Rest assured that you, your vehicle and our technicians are in safe hands at The Auto Workshop & Autocentres.

Contact The Auto Workshop & Autocentres now for peace of mind on 0121 359 8637