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The Auto Worksop are engine management systems tuning specialists for optimised engine efficiency, for improved fuel efficiencey, for power output and increased torque

We collaborate with many high level tuning houses from the UK & Europe to ensure the best possible software upgrade available


vehicle remapping

Economy Remap

With an economy remaps you could save up to 20% on rising fuel costs, reduce emmisions and optimise your vehicle injection system ..... it's worth a call - 0121 359 8637

Fleet Remap

As part of our commitment to offer value for money The Auto Workshop offer fleet management solutions
Installing upgraded engine management software can reduce your fleets operational costs, and emissions outputs exponetially

Performance Remap

Altering your vehicles timing, boost pressure and fuel mixture will offer improved driveability with extreme power gains, as well as optional features such as 'pops and bangs', launch control etc.
The Auto Workshop performance remap offers smooth, reliable performance yet retains its original safety features

DSG Remap

DSG software upgrades can increase shift response by up to 20% providing you with smoother gear changes, reducing clutch slip under full acceleration, protecting your clutch from premature failure, also benefiting from increased paddle reaction times by up to 40%

Visit us or call THE AUTO WORKSHOP to discuss the advantages of remmapping

0121 359 8637

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